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                Shunde Empire Furniture

                We never followed trends, but set them - The Empire is the choice of Elite!

                HOME - Customization

                Creative Space

                Home, to us, you, responsible for the enjoyment.Domestic top design team, to provide hardware, software design services.




                Design: domestic top design team, to provide hardware, software design services.
                Furniture: The world first-line furniture brand, tens of thousands of models of furniture boutique, a variety of home style, so your home is unique.
                Soft: curtains, lamps, Gua Hua, Decoration, carpets, bedding, floral, professional designers for your match, to create a dream of home space.

                智能家居:通过智能安¤防系统、智能灯光系统、智能■家电系统、智能窗帘系统等一系列自动化家居系统,构建高效的住宅设施与家庭日程事务的管理系统,提升家居安全□ 性、便利性、舒适性、艺术性,并实现环保节能的居住→环境。

                Solid wood customization: personalized luxury, low-carbon environmental protection, safety and health, fashion life, human creativity, elegance and noble, in every possible way. One-stop all-furniture high-end customization services: logs overall wardrobe, cloakroom, cabinets, bookcases, wine cellar, wood wall panels, ceiling.
                Intelligent home: through intelligent security systems, intelligent lighting systems, smart home appliances, intelligent curtain system and a series of automated home systems, and efficient construction of residential facilities and family affairs management system to enhance the home security, convenience, comfort, Artistic, and to achieve environmental protection and energy saving living environment.

                加速『室外新鲜空气的注入,提∑ 高室内空气质量。

                Health Center: committed to creating a healthy and comfortable home life, fresh air system: to improve indoor air circulation, speed up the indoor air pollution emissions,
                Accelerate the injection of fresh air outside, improve indoor air quality.
                Bag occupancy: for the rough housing customers "from the amount of room to stay," the overall solution of home improvement decoration mode. Rapid implementation of decoration, building materials, furniture, soft equipment, kitchen and a one-stop service, the systematic procurement of all household necessities, to achieve the standard bag occupancy, to provide consumers with peace of mind, save time and money home improvement experience.





                Our Four Showrooms

                Royal, Noble, Modern and Pricerite - cover a total area of thousands square meters

                located in the central of the middle axis in Lecong town-the biggest furniture wholesale center, capital of China furniture business, From its inception, has been the extension frontier territory in art and innovation, persistent practice "the world furniture master" entrepreneurial ambition, twenty-one years ingenuity, become the first brand of Lecong furniture market.